P.E. Moskowitz

About Me:
My name is P.E. Moskowitz. My friends call me Paris. I am a writer.

I run Mental Hellth, a newsletter that publishes my original writing and comissioned pieces from other very interesting people. It’s about your broken brain and how to exist in the world, given that the world sucks and is bad. It’s like...self-helpy but in a systemic kinda way. Subscribe if you’d like. To pitch stories/essays/etc., follow this short guide.

I was born and raised in NYC (short for New York City) and still live here (go Mets! (even though I am angry at them right now)). I’m trans and use they/them pronouns. I also love dogs, but I guess that’s not very unique [[editor’s note: come up with more unique interest]].

Current News:
I am writing a book called RABBIT HOLE, a braided work of memoir, history, research, theory, and cross-country reportage reckoning with the role that drugs play in society and investigating how we can break free from our modern despair using drugs. I jokingly refer to it as Eat, Pray, Drug. The publishers are Atria Books (Simon and Schuster) in the United States and Bloomsbury in the U.K. Maybe it’ll be published in 2023, or 2024. TBD. (I’m currently editing this website as a way to procrastinate writing it). 

I am also working on some secret film and TV stuff which you may or may not hear about soon :). I wear many hats!! Much like the guy who wears too many hats in that children’s book about hats or whatever.

Below you will find some samples of my writing. And below that my contact info. And below that a picture of me looking cool near a bridge. 

Some Stuff I’ve Written:
Instyle Magazine -- Learning to Take Agency Over My Depression
New York Magazine -- Living in a Trans House
The Nation -- My Journey with SSRIs
GQ Magazine -- The Trans Football Star of South Dakota
New York Magazine -- An Ode to Carmela Soprano
GQ Magazine -- Why I Love Entourage 

Other Stuff I’ve Written:

Features/Magazine Writing:
New York Magazine -- Picking up a Tennis Racket Made My Body Mine
New York Magazine -- Parking Wars
The Nation -- Organizing Without a Union
Mother Jones -- Why We Love True Crime
Elemental / Medium -- A Good Drug for a Bad World
The New Yorker -- The Anger and Joy of a Native American Poet in Brooklyn
BuzzFeed -- How One of Katrina's Feel-Good Stories Turned Bad
New York Magazine -- Oprah’s Angels
Pacific Standard -- Inside the Mind of America’s Favorite Gun Researcher

OneZero -- In Defense of The Small Social Network
The Nation -- Everything You Think You Know About Free Speech Is a Lie
The Nation -- Give Drugs to Drug Users 
The Outline -- The Nanette Problem
Insider -- The Internet Is a Factory and We Are Its Workers

Contact Info:
Email: p.e.moskowitz [at] gmail.com
Book Agent: Melissa Flashman -- mflashman [at] janklow.com
Other Stuff (📺🎥) Agent: Olivia Blaustein -- olivia.blaustein [at] caa.com 
Twitter: @_pem_pem

Picture of Me Looking Cool Near a Bridge: